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Food Grade Beta-alanine As Additive 99% Min Provides Nutrition
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Product: Views:383Food Grade Beta-alanine As Additive 99% Min Provides Nutrition 
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Food grade beta-alanine as additive  99% min  provides nutrition

SHANDONG YANGCHEGN produces beta-alamine with fermentation process. The assay for this product is not less than 99%. We provide food-grade beta-alanine as amino acid additive to provide nutrition.

Beta-alanine Description

◆ Beta Alanine (BA) is found naturally in both the body and in foods such as chicken. 

◆ Beta-Alanine naturally occurs in the body and is a non-essential amino acid. We human beings can also obtaine it through protein foods. It is used to supplement athletic performance and recovery. Shown to aid in reducing and delaying muscle fatigue, beta Alanine is typically in pre-workout stacks featuring other components.

◆ Synonyms: Beta Alanine, Beta-amino-propionic acid, H-βAla-OH, Abufene, Alanine beta-, 3-Aminopropanoic acid, beta-Aminopropionic acid

◆ Here is the Structural formula of beta alanine 

◆ CAS No.: 107-95-9

◆ Molecular Formula: C3H7NO2

◆ Molecular Weight: 89.09

◆ Appearance: white crystalline powder

◆ Usage: food additive raw material, fitness supplement ingredients

◆ Storage: Store at RT, Sealed storage; keep in a cool and dry environment; moistureproof.

Beta-Alanine Benefits

◆ 1. Increasing muscle carnosine concentrations.

      Due to the ability to raise intra-muscular levels of carnosine, beta-Alanine gains its performance enhancing effects. 

◆ 2. Reducing the fatigue feeling in exercise training

◆ 3. Improve the maximum physical exhaustion

◆ 4. Beta-alanine helps to increase lean muscle exercise training

Downstream products

Beta-alamine is served as pharmaceutical intermediate to synthesize vitamin B5, disodium pamidronate and balsalazide, ect.

Quick Details

◆ CAS No.:107-95-9

◆ HS Code: 2922491990

◆ MF of beta-alanine: C3H7NO2(Type: Amino, Fermentation)

◆ Appearance: white crystalline  powder

◆ The standard of this product: AJI92,one item Assay of AJI92 for this product is 98.0% to 101.0%, and  the assay of our product is not less than 99.0%. And the Test  Method is HPLC.

◆ Place of Origin: Shandong, China; Brand Name: Yangcheng

◆ Usage: Food additive; beta-alanine can be used as food  additive to enhance nutrition;

◆ Function: Keeping Health and Promoting Growth

                   Improve movers performance,as recommendation of sports nutrition experts

◆ what is available: COA, Specification sheet, ROS, sample

◆ Storage: store at RT, cool, dry place; 

◆ Shelf Life: 2 years, if keep in formal storage condition.

◆ MOQ: Any quantity for order, from grams to tons, is accepted. 

◆ Packing: 50g, 100g, 1kg/bag; 25kg/drum with 2 plastic bags inside. required package is also accepted.

We can provide beta alanine from carton to drum and bag for you. Besides, we can also design label as each purchaser's requirements. What you need is what we should make.

Packing Item

net weight/KG

plastic bag





plastic woven bags





Cardboard Drum





Or according to the requirements of packaging


Delivery Details

◆ If  the product is in stock, in 24 hours;If not, in 3 to 5 days after confirmation.

◆ when we confirm that the products are in stock and your payment is reseived, your purchased products will be pack within 24 hours and will be shipped within 48 hours. 

◆  The tracking number and picture of  parcel will be sent to you as soon as we got it.

Shipment Details


Shipment Way




DHL/EMS(door to door)

4~7 days

Less than 50KG

Air shipment

From airport to airport

1~5 days


Sea shipment

From seaport to seaport

More than 5 days

More than 1000KG

It is convenient and efficient for you to get the product from us.

◆ We have a good good cooperation with several freight forwarding who are experienced at documents, clearance and transport, which ensures you get the purchased products rapidly and safely.

◆ As you know, the sustained and rapid economic development in China led to the development of freight forwarding and logistics. 

◆ You can perchase with no worry.

Beta-alanine specification

Inspection Item

Product  Standard (AJI 92)


White  crystallization or  crystalline powder

Melting point

197-202 ℃

pH value 6.7-7.5
Transmittance no less than 95.0%
Sulfated ash no more than 0.2%
Ammonium/ NH4+ no more than 0.02%
Chloride/ CL- no more than 0.04%
Sulfate/ SO4-
no more than 0.04%

Loss on drying

no more than 0.2%

Iron/Fe no more than 30 ppm
Pb no more than 10 ppm
no more than 2 ppm
Other amino acid Not detectable
Assay by HPLC



Quality Regarding

1.Systematized Chart Regarding Quality

◆ Shandong Yangcheng Biotech co.,Ltd has established the complete after-sale service and the strict quality control system, which have guaranteed the quality of the products and service completely. 

◆ You can choose our products with no worries.

What have we done for QC?

◆ The strong quality assurance system, well-developed laboratories (analytical, chemical and microbiological) and our attention to quality ensure the product delivered to you is with high quality. 

◆ Besides, The National Laboratories and SGS are all our good clients. All products will be fully tested before export.

1. Quality inspection department

2. Testing instrument

3. Service conception

Shandong Yangcheng biotech co., Ltd sets good faith as the fundamental, creativity as the way, serve as the goal, shearing as the pursuit!

To create value for customers and grow together with customers is our consistent pursuit!